The Vélo Paradisio spirit

An open-air event at the Cité Clairvivre on Sunday 22 July 2018.

Save the date and don’t be late to register!


The Day: a ride on bicycle (vintage, modern ou electric), with friends and vintage clothes.  Three loops specially designed for you, with tasting steps all along.

The Night: An exceptional evening for young and old with a gourmet night market, a vintage village, free Rockab’ and Swing concerts, and for great finale: LA GRANDE VADROUILLE on open-air screening!

Vélo Paradisio


”La Grande Vadrouille” as a grande finale!

We are proud to announce the film that will close the 2nd edition of Vélo Paradisio: La Grande Vadrouille! In 1942, an English plane was shot down by the Germans over Paris. The three pilots parachute and land in...

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[SORTIES] La rando vintage du week-end

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[PROMO] Come and join us for our VINTAGE photo shoot!

Vélo-Paradisers WANTED! Feel like being photographed with your vintage outfit and bike? Come and join us for a fun and friendly photo shoot, followed by a “Spanish table”,  at Cité Clairvivre (date and time to be confirmed, depending on the...

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Vélo Paradisio

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Vélo Paradisio


“Vélo Paradisio” is first of all a cycle tourism vintage hike, opened to everyone, which will take you on the roads throughout Green Périgord landscapes, whatever your level of biking and your experience. Three loops have been especially designed :

la Jour de Fête

One 15km loop, which can be done in an afternoon with your family

La Vie est belle

One 40km loop, for biking in family or friends, all day long (25 on the morning, then the “Jour de Fête” loop on the afternoon), with a stop for lunch at Clairvivre

La Ghislain Lambert

One 60km loop, for the bravest bikers, all day long (60 km on the morning, then the “Jour de Fête” loop on the afternoon), with a stop for lunch at Clairvivre


Starting and ending at the Cité Clairvivre, the loops will be punctuated by breaks to rest, to quench your thirst, to taste terroir products and to enjoy yourselves thinking about the kilometers you’ve made.

You go at your own pace, your own speed. No winners, not a race, just an occasion to share a great moment altogether.

Vélo Paradisio


Seeing a bike in a film has always created images in our minds: a high-speed biking chase between two kids gangs, a postman delivering mail on a countryside road, a child flying to the moon for saving his friend, lovers bumping into one another… Bike and cinema are the guidelines of Velo Paradisio, with activities, challenges…
On the evening, a rockabilly music concert worthy of American Graffiti will set up the ambiance. Then, at nightfall, when all the lights turn off, another lamp will switch on for an open-air screening under the stars. Ushers with baskets full of sweets and ice creams, intervals and other surprises will await you for this grand finale!


Vélo Paradisio


Discovering landscapes without hurry, chatting while pedaling, stopping beside the track to take a photograph or just to have a break, remembering our memories, helping and cheering each other on the road… so many things and values that we can share on a bike. The oldest the bike is, the funniest the experience will be!


Vélo Paradisio


Don’t think we are nostalgic of an era, a style, or even a fashion… We love the extra-ordinary, what helps us to discover an area differently. We fancy experiences, what seems to be made only for us. We love these times, always too short, in which all the differences, all the social barriers disappear to let the place to a moment of sharing, maybe unique, but real.
We wish this “Velo Paradisio project” to be out of time and remain an unforgettable memory in everybody’s mind. A magic parenthesis where meeting each other becomes essential, where our childhood souvenirs come back to mind with their lots of tears and laughs. A moment of happiness we will live together. For that, what better than an old bike and vintage cloths to start the adventure ?

The rest is what awaits you on Sunday, July, 22nd at the Cité Clairvivre !


Take your children, friends, colleagues, come and join us to live the “Vélo Paradisio Experience”!

Vélo Paradisio

The equipment

In order to live the “Velo Paradisio” experience completely, reuse your VINTAGE CLOTHES : trousers and flower dresses, Sunday suits and leather jackets, hats and fascinators, caps and berets, whatever your tastes and what you will find in your wardrobes!

For the BIKE, we recommend you to have a bike before 1987, when the gearbox passed from the frame to the handlebar. If you do not have some, look into your garages, cellars and barns. Ask people around you, a treasure might be at hands!Our mechanics crew will check the state of the bikes and handle the first breakdowns.

Of course, if you prefer to use your modern bike, feel free to take it, we are sure you’ll customize so well to turn it into a vintage bike! Don’t forget to be vintage-dressed!


Vélo Paradisio

Where to eat?

All day long, you will find several options, for every taste and purse.

  • For lunch time, take back your tablecloths and wicker baskets

    Sign for a barbecue lunch meal prepared by the Cité Clairvivre (extra fee of 10€– mention this service on your registration form and pay on your arrival on July, 22nd) or bring your own PICNIC and eat it at the Cité Clairvivre
  • For dinner, to rest from the hiking

    A gourmet night market is organized on the spot with local producers


Vélo Paradisio

Organizing my trip

You’d like to find an accommodation in the Dordogne area, close to Clairvivre?

You wish to extend your stay and your Velo Paradisio experience in the Dordogne area?

Click on the following logos to find out more…

Guesthouses and bedrooms – EPD Clairvivre

Tourist office “Naturellement Périgord”

Guesthouse – le Maine d’Autana

Guestrooms – La Maison du Bonheur


Vélo Paradisio

Fees / Register

Important: please notice that all the services (pass day+night and lunch meal) figure on one single registration form.

Prepared by the Cité Clairvivre (lunchtime)
Booking required when you register, depending on the available stock, and must be paid at your arrival on July, 22nd
Includes concerts and open-air cinema

* Reduced rate : children under 12 years old, disabled people, unemployed people, cyclotourists licenced at the French National Federation of Cyclotourism (number of licence compulsory, to mention on the registration form and to present on your arrival)

Click here to go to the online ticketing

Information and booking: dial +33 5 53 07 54 54 11  or email us at