Don’t think we are nostalgic of an era, a style, or even a fashion…

We love the extra-ordinary, what helps us to discover an area differently. We fancy experiences, what seems to be made only for us. We love these times, always too short, in which all the differences, all the social barriers disappear to let the place to a moment of sharing, maybe unique, but real.

We wish this “Velo Paradisio project” to be out of time and remain an unforgettable memory in everybody’s mind. A magic parenthesis where meeting each other becomes essential, where our childhood souvenirs come back to mind with their lots of tears and laughs. A moment of happiness we will live together. For that, what better than an old bike and vintage cloths to start the adventure?

The rest is what awaits you on Sunday, August, 21st at the Château de Monbazillac!

Take your children, friends, colleagues, come and join us to live the “Velo Paradisio Experience”!