The “Velo Paradisio” equipment

In order to live the “Velo Paradisio” experience completely, reuse your vintage clothes: trousers and flower dresses, Sunday suits and leather jackets, hats and fascinators, caps and berets, whatever your tastes and what you will find in your wardrobes!

For the bike, we recommend you to have a bike before 1987, when the gearbox passed from the frame to the handlebar. If you do not have some, look into your garages, cellars and barns. Ask people around you, a treasure might be at hands! Our mechanics crew will check the state of the bikes and handle the first breakdowns.

You do not have an old bike at all, or you miss some to equip all the family? You can rent bikes for the day, thanks to our partners (more info to come).

If you prefer to use your modern bike, there’s no problem, we are sure you can customize it to turn it into an vintage bike! Don’t forget to be vintage dressed!